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Slips, trips and falls on stairways are a more common occurrence in industrial and commercial environments than they should be, sharing about the same frequency of incidents being reported.

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces offers a comprehensive range of antislip stair nosings that suits all types of steps or stairways. Stair Nosings that protect more than the steps leading edge from wear, but ensures that the stairway is visible to workers and visitors, and prevents incidents from occurring.

Nonslip stair nosing can be known by many names such as stair capping, bull nosing, stair treads, step covers etc. No matter what they are known as, Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces antislip Stair Nosings provide the most durable, highest quality, best valued protection for your assets by preventing loss due to a slip, trip or fall.

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces antislip Stair Nosings have a very long serviceable life which is backed by our extensive warranty. They can be fixed permanently in moments without the risk of coming loose due to heavy pedestrian use. The highly visible Safety Yellow finish ensures the stairs leading edge will be seen while ascending or descending the stairway.

Unlike other types of products that may crack, become brittle, need time to cure, peel or delaminate, Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces antislip Stair Nosings are manufactured on a metal backing ready to install and use quickly so there is no inconvenience to pedestrians that need to walk in that particular area.

Product Features

Here are some great features of Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces antislip Stair Nosings:

  • Bright Safety Yellow nonslip coating provides high visibility and sure footing
  • Manufactured to customer requirements utilising the most durable components available
  • Made with strong metal backing
  • High impact resistance
  • Other colours available
  • Easy to install
  • Custom make sizes available
  • Chemical resistant
  • Suitable for all stairway applications
  • Covered by an extensive warranty period
  • Protects the stairs leading edge from wear over time
  • Extremely high antislip rating that has been tested and certified

Product Benefits

When Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces antislip Stair Nosings are installed, some of the benefits are:

  • Superior slip and fall prevention in stairways, landings and pedestrian access areas
  • Easy to clean
  • No down time, simply install and it is ready to walk on
  • Can easily be replaced if damaged
  • Reduces MTI’s and LTI’s
  • Fewer incidents of injury, saving any litigation costs
  • Protects the stairs from wear over time saving maintenance budgeting
  • Very easy to set up which saves on installation costs

You’re one step ahead with Advance Anti-Slip.

For more information or to discuss the requirements of your project, please contact us today.

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