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Advance Anti-Slip Ladder Covers with the semicircular or rectangular bend are a steel backed product with a high, solid, heavy duty anti-slip surface. It is designed for application in slippery or hazardous areas to provide firm footing, even after heavy spillage and soilage.

Advance Anti-Slip Ladder Covers are designed to snap fit to any type of ladder rung i.e. square, rectangular or rounded. By ensuring the Ladder Cover is the same shape as the ladder rung, a complete contact is made with the entire Ladder Cover to the ladder rung which provides maximum adhesion between the two. This range of product can be produced to suit all ladder rungs.

Product Features

  • Provides secure footing on wet & oily surfaces
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical & UV resistance
  • Simple adhesion and clip on action
  • Long effective life
  • Easy to clean

Method of Installation

  • Ensure ladder rungs are free from all dirt, oil, grease and paint.
  • Apply 5mm of Advance's recommended
  • Adhesive to the inside of the ladder cover.
  • Snap fit to ladder rung.
  • Allow 6 to 8 hours to cure.
Standard Sizes - Guide only (We do make to order!)

Width (A)

Diameter of Rung (B)













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