Antislip Tapes

Advance Anti-Slip self-adhesive antislip tapes provide a robust slip resistant surface to help prevent slips, trips, stumbles, tumbles and falls.

The durable non slip low-profile design enables light to medium pedestrian traffic to navigate stairways, steps, stairwells, landings, platforms, ramps, walkways and ladders freely, which helps in reducing slip hazards, incidents and injury.

Our non-slip tape range has applications on flat surfaces, entranceways, ramps, steps, ladders, forklifts, skateboards, construction machinery, plant equipment, marine vessels, transport vehicles and trailers, public transport vehicles, and many more surfaces where secure footing is required.

Product Features

  • Durable grit surface to provide safe footing,
  • Adheres to smooth, clean, dry surfaces,
  • Available in sizes 25mm to 450mm,
  • Comes in different colours,
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 4586:2004 compliant,
  • Temperature resistant from -5°c to 50°c,
  • Provides an instant non-slip surface.


Product Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install,
  • Improve safety and performance in work areas,
  • A versatile economic solution,
  • Helps prevent slips, trips, falls and accidents,
  • Use on steps, ladders, ramps, walkways, platforms, gangways, gantries, construction equipment, trailers, forklifts, boats, trains, buses, work vehicles and more,
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Comfort and Safety for all walks of life.

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