Why Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces?

Each year thousands of people are reported to suffer easily preventable injuries from a slip, trip, topple, stumble, tumble or fall, that can cause simple medically treated cuts, bruises, fractures, dislocations or in the worst case, a fatality.

Nearly 60% of these preventable incidents were caused by environmental factors such as slippery surfaces after a fluid spill or on a worn stair, walkway, platform, ramp, ladder or landing.

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces produces a wide range of standard size non-slip stair nosing, ladder rung covers and Safeplate products as well as custom sizes being available, which are made to order, to help provide exceptional traction, firm footing and prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

Advance Antislip

So why choose Advance Anti-Slip products?

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces’ superior technology brings you antislip products designed to prevent accidents on exterior and interior pedestrian access areas, through;

  • Many Years of Experience: Since 1990, we have specialised in producing a range of antislip safety products for an extensive variety of applications.
  • Durable, Sturdy & Long-Lasting products: Our manufactured products have a metal foundation with a superior carborundum and hardened resin surface that creates a durable, robust and long-lasting product, which will prevent accidents well into the future.
  • Suitable for a Variety of Surfaces: Our products can be installed on a wide range of surfaces including metal grating, concrete, timber, checker-plate, expanded mesh, FRP, tiles and wood composite products.
  • Weather, Corrosion & Fire Resistant: Advance nonslip products are created to withstand severe weather conditions, corrosion, a wide range of chemicals and is fire resistant in its hardened state.
  • Standard Size or Made to Measure: As well as our standard size antislip range, we custom make products which are made to measure and built to fit almost every conceivable situation.
  • Pre-drilled for Easy Installation: All products can be pre-drilled, making installation more cost efficient, which will save you time and money. We can also supply the appropriate fixings.
  • Prompt Delivery: From our manufacturing facility we can ship products anywhere in Australia and globally. We utilise an array of cost-effective methods to deliver our product to our customers in the most efficient way.
  • Cost Effective, Extremely Competitive: Our customers want a product that will be effective in reducing costly accidents, a product that is easy to install, a product that meets compliance standards, a product that doesn’t wear out or delaminate, a product that is covered by a comprehensive lengthy warranty period, a product that is robust, durable and provides a Total Cost of Ownership where they only have to fit it once. Advance Anti-Slip is the ideal solution!
  • Extensive Global Reseller Network: Advance Anti-Slip products are well known and trusted by our customers around the world. We have a network of valued product distributor resellers who are able to provide our products to customers in their local area.

All Advance Anti-Slip products are designed to provide:

  • Firm footing in hazardous areas – even after heavy spillage and soilage,
  • High-impact, chemical and UV resistance,
  • Easy installation in a wide variety of situations,
  • A very long effective life – even in the harshest environments,
  • Custom sizes available, made to order,
  • Durable, robust, reliable,
  • Australian Standards compliant,
  • Improved asset integrity,
  • Vibrant colours available,
  • The ideal solution!

Don’t delay? Contact us now for product information, your local product resellers or stockists, or assistance with any of our anti-slip products to prevent a potential accident from occurring.

With Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces – you’re One Step Ahead!

Advance Antislip