Anti-Slip Solutions For Manufacturing Plants

Anti-slip for manufacturing

Advance Anti-Slip has been providing the manufacturing industry sector with safe, durable and reliable nonslip products since 1990. 

We understand that slippery conditions on stairs, landings, walkways, ramps, and ladders are created due to liquids, oils, lubrication fluids, chemicals and dirt accumulating on those surfaces. These hazards can cause a slip, trip, stumble, tumble or fall incident and these can lead to reduced work output, increased medical expenses, possible litigation and in some cases even a fatality.

Our antislip products are trusted and respected globally by maintenance and operation managers, WH&S supervisors and others who are responsible for the safety of their workers. Our cost-effective non-slip products keep them safe, reduce stress and lower operating costs.

All of the non-slip products we make are designed using very high-quality materials that are both reliable and durable. We back them with an extensive warranty and stand behind the work we do. Our nonslip products all comply with national and international guidelines for quality, performance and safety.

We consistently prove our commitment to the manufacturing industry by only using the highest quality materials in all the antislip products that we make. This allows us to stand behind the products and services we offer, and we know that you will be glad you chose Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces for your nonslip solutions.

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